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Deviants' Factions
3 min readDec 1, 2023

This wasn’t our initial line-up, but after hearing the community’s feedback, we made a change. Fast Map Toolkit was replaced with Time Waster to prevent the dominance of the Awaken faction from taking root in the game.

ULK 017 Time Waster, Automaton — Sabotage

This new level for Time Waster effectively protects its bearer while dealing damage to your opponents. We decided to go ahead with this ULK card instead of FMT as we had announced since the community expressed their desire to see improved versions of cards that haven’t seen much play.

ULK 018 Yellow Battleflag, Enhancer

Yellow Battleflag L2 brings a huge bonus to HP and allows you to bolster your table’s offense every time you manage to get an enemy off the board. It’s good news for Entropy’s banner-carrying candidates like Marduk Urshan. We’ve seen his base version shine in some of Reene’s lists, but we think this upgraded version will be able to get along well with the other Faction HQs as well.

ULK 019 First Grader, Enhancer

Inhuman scientists have been hard at work improving the substances that their acolytes of the needle so frequently consume. This new level of First Grader has a destructive potential never seen before, it maintains the cost of losing a small amount of attack permanently each time it attacks, but it is a price that any Proven is willing to pay. Recall that the trigger for this cost is attack, meaning that every time the Technology subtracts 10 attack is because it has already given us 175 damage. Unlike FMT, which seems to have its home in Attentio Prima, First Grader L2 is flexible enough to be included in any of the green HQs.

ULK 020 Spy-flies, Automaton-Sabotage

This is another Technology that provides attack to the bearer and subtracts it from the opponent, unlike the snowball effect that FMT has, Spy Flies is immediate when it comes to delivering table value. A strong point of this Technology is its Automated condition, which allows it to subtract the opponent’s attack even if there is no one to use it. Allowing its use in multicolored decks without losing consistency.

These new cards are aimed at shaking up the current metagame, allowing us to continue fine-tuning our balance efforts around it! Stay tuned for more updates, and keep a close watch for further news!

The Deviants Factions Team