Meet in the road

Deviants' Factions
3 min readSep 14, 2023

[September 11. La Pampa, Argentina]

I awaken from a restless sleep by banging my head against the metal. Instinct responds and I try to bring my hands to the back of my neck but they are tied. I try to see them but everything is dark: I’m blindfolded. The sound of an engine.

I’m in the trunk of a car. I hear women’s voices inside the car but I can’t make out what they are saying. I kick hard to be heard and I do it again from time to time during the twenty or thirty minutes that pass since I woke up.

Suddenly the car starts to lurch more than usual. I guess they’ve pulled off the road. A couple more minutes and we finally stop.

I feel them open the trunk and take things that were going next to me. They discuss how and where to put a chair and a computer. Then two of them help me up, guide me blindly and force me to take a seat. The blindfold falls, the light blinds me.

I stop blinking and find myself in an open field. I turn this way and that to understand where I am.

Open field. Here there is only sand, rock and sparse vegetation. In the distance I see a couple of cars passing by, I assume it’s the road we were on a moment ago. Do you have a problem? A woman with a broad smile leans over me. Metal implants… Beryllium, most likely.

They are Inhuman.

A second girl, much younger, leers at me leaning against the vehicle with an impatient attitude.

The last of them is in front of me, operating a computer with her back to me.

Can you see now, can you hear me? She talks to the computer. All in place, Nightress. Then he turns, looks me in the eye and gestures for me to look at the screen as he steps aside.

Good Afternoon, C. My name is Epsilon. A distorted voice addresses me while an image of a skull is all that is on the screen. We have come to you because we want to put some… pressure, on the Inner Circle. A laugh escapes my mouth as my companions exchange confused glances. Sorry, E, that’s funny. Nowadays I’m not sure how many of the members of the Inner Circle would be happy to know that I’m alive… I think it’s in the best interest of the current board that I’m still missing… But don’t despair, I add with prompt seriousness. It occurs to me that we could reach an agreement that would benefit us all… The truth is that I let myself be seen in this area because I know very well who is in charge here… Take me to your leader… I want to talk directly to Aléc Binder.

ULK 012 C, Fateshaper Whale