Glimpse into the lore of the next crafting recipes

Deviants' Factions
3 min readSep 29, 2023

We have seen how the players’ decisions impact both inside and outside the game. One by one we have seen how the Characters are introduced and the relationship between them. Below we talk in depth about 4 Characters that will play important roles in the story that will be unveiled and will have L2 recipes next week.

María del Tránsito, Prophet

Maria del Transito was only 14 years old when she met Santiago Pieldelobo. At that time Santiago was just starting his career as a detective and Maria was the only survivor of an orchestrated accident that Pieldelobo was investigating.

Maria quickly went from being a suspect to an ally. Together they came to Awaken were Yokes and this unites them to this day.

María has never been a friend of conflict but she understands very well that sometimes violence is necessary. That is why she tries to end conflicts with as little bloodshed as possible. Casemira saw this quality in Maria and became her mentor. Today she serves as Kutuzov’s right-hand woman and we will soon see her doing more than running errands.

The Bannerwasps, Agitator

The Bannerwasps are twin Entropy members. At an early age they left home to join an anarchist cell in their country. They traveled through Asia and Europe and were a key player in numerous revolutions. Authorities around the globe are looking for them but every time they try to corner them they disappear. They go wherever the conflict is, always on the side of those who rise up against centralized power. The last time they were seen in action was at the Korean teachers’ protests a few weeks ago but there are reports of Free Agents who claim to have seen them in America last monday and it is very likely that they cross paths with some of the Characters we have accompanied this last time.

Murder of Crows, Tank

Faithful followers of Nightress, they are a group of extremists who believe that glory will come to the Inhumans when their master is recognized as Master of Secrets. They are feared by the older Deviants of the other factions as they know the atrocities they are capable of. The Crows are of a school that prefers beryllium under the flesh. Each of them has replaced some of their bones with pieces of this metal, always choosing the part of the body they want to alter according to their combat style.

Admiral Galazzio, Praefectus

It is currently far from the events we have witnessed with the Lore deliveries. So far he has not moved from OS Ares in Tartus, Syria. However, he has a close relationship with C and Dominika. It was under his command that Dominika arrived in Argentina in the first place. Her relationship with Dudek is rocky: she is superior to the sniper formally speaking, but within the Faction it is Dominika who has a higher rank.