Deviants Factions new Game Balance Update for Headquarters.

Deviants' Factions
4 min readOct 20, 2023

In response to the dynamic gaming landscape and their unwavering commitment to elevating the player experience, Deviants Factions is excited to unveil a game balance update. This comprehensive update has been meticulously crafted to ensure equitable and exhilarating gameplay for all participants.

Balancing for an Enhanced Gaming Experience

As part of their ongoing dedication to creating a more enjoyable and competitive gaming environment, the balance update for the HeadQuarters addresses multiple facets of the game. The primary objective is to fine-tune gameplay mechanics and ensure a level playing field for all players, breaking the current meta and introducing variety tod the playing field.

Key Notes of the Balance Update


In a significant update, Dogana, known for its strong presence in Lore releases and constant innovation, remains steadfast in its approach while enhancing its effectiveness. Now, all Technologies gain its direct damage ability, opening up new strategies involving Undeviant Technologies and even alliances with other factions. Notably, Dogana’s Trigger now inflicts 150% more damage, introducing a fresh dynamic to the game.


In a nod to the history of Deviants Factions the latest update reintroduces a reworked version of an ability initially granted by The Elephant. What was once a prominent skyscraper, now a relic of unfulfilled potential, The Elephant’s Trigger returns in a conditioned form. Back in the early days of DF, The Elephant bestowed this Trigger upon all Non Binaries, but the initial version proved to be overly powerful. Today, the developers believes that a reconditioned version could be just what this genre needs.


Similar to his entropic counterpart, OS Ares receives an upgrade to his Trigger, enhancing its performance in the game. By increasing his Allies’ attack power to 166% of its previous level, we anticipate that this adjustment will reestablish its prominence in the gaming landscape.


The team has a strong appreciation for the Acolytes of the Needle house. However, their rare appearance in the competitive scene has prompted them to take action to increase their prominence. As part of this initiative, a power boost has been introduced, offering Berserking allies an additional 5 points of Toughness and elevating the Trigger’s table impact to 150%. These changes will result in the Acolytes of the Needle becoming a more prominent and formidable presence in the game.


Females in Alexandria’s ranks continue to receive support, but through a distinct approach. The prior iteration of Alexandria lacked the desired consistency, often resulting in the death of the attacker or the Healing benefitting an undamaged Character. The new bonus offers greater security. Although it remains lost when the assassin falls in an exchange of lethal blows, the team anticipates that this will be offset by the increased value it brings to scenarios where the bonus is successfully applied.


This HQ marks the end of this release. With the inclusion of the latest UNLOCKED cards and the balance adjustments made to cards like Thanata, The team is confident that boosting The Unifier’s firepower is essential to establish direct damage HQ strategies at the forefront of the gaming podium.

Engaging and Fair Competitions

With these changes, the developers are confident that Deviants Factions will offer even more engaging and equitable competitions, encouraging players to explore different strategies and tactics in their quest for victory.

Join the Conflict!

All players are invited to experience the exciting changes. Gamers are encouraged to jump into the action, and share their thoughts on their Discord. Player feedback is invaluable as Deviants Factions continues to refine and improve the game.

About Deviants Factions: Deviants Factions is a Play & Earn Trading Card Game where each card is an NFT. It proposes an immersive narrative experience for players, presenting a setup that provides fictional explanations to real-world events.

Deviants are the next step on human evolution and they are fighting for the future of humanity. History is scattered with people who could accomplish exceptional tasks: works of art, mathematical formulas, military feats, world records, and so on. The most prestigious universities, governmental institutions and even intelligence departments of several countries have not been able to notice their existence.

If we were able to measure willpower in the same way as height, we would notice that a group of people significantly exceed the norm by several standard deviations, which is why they are called Deviants.

Deviants have divided into four factions that wage a veiled war for the future of Humanity: Awaken, Entropy, Owner and Inhuman.

During each match, players will uphold the principles of one of the Factions struggling for the course of history.