Deviants' Factions
2 min readOct 13, 2022



Hello Deviants!

We’ve got some news for you.

In lights of the current market status and looking to expand the game base, we have decided to lower the prices for all our NFT’s packs. This way we intend to bring new players to the game and build up a healthy ecosystem consequently.

We don’t want this to affect you, our current holders, so we are compensating this price drop as follows:

For EVERY presale booster you bought during PRESALE (Presale Silver Booster, Presale Gold Booster, Presale Diamond Booster) we’ll compensate you with 3 times what you purchased! For example, if you bought 1 Presale Gold Booster, you’ll receive 3 extra Presale Gold Booster making it 4 in total. We’ll be Airdropping this in the next few days!

If you are a holder since Terra times, we’ll give you free tickets for an Special Terra Holders Tournament, more info coming soon

We are working non-stop to bring new features to the game and keep growing this amazing community. We have exciting things to come in the next few weeks regarding new tournaments and a few other surprises!

If you’re left with any doubts, we’re holding an AMA on our Discord channel to answer all of your questions! It will be tomorrow, Friday Oct 14th at 16:00 UTC!

Hope to see you all there!