Cards Crafting: Round 3

Deviants' Factions
3 min readSep 6, 2023

More than a month has passed since the second crafting round, and it’s now time for the next one! Our team has monitored the decks submitted in tournaments and their outcomes. In our pursuit of improving the game experience, we are excited to introduce four new legendary cards for you to unlock. Today, we will roll out the update containing the crafting recipes required to acquire these exclusive NFT cards, which cannot be obtained through any other means. However, please note that they will only be available for a limited time, which could range from weeks to days, or even just a few hours.

ULK 009 Ouroboros, Enlightened Prophet

This new level of the Awaken leader aims to provide support for their faction. It has significant massive Toughness that pairs very well with its massive healing. Ouroboros L2 has a small attack value and modest HP within the ULK card universe. In current decks, Slot 2 and 3 can be good positions to place it since its HP is high compared to Base cards, but as more ULK collection cards become available, it’s most likely that we will see it commanding from position 4 onwards.

ULK 010 San Amaro, Sworn Poietes

San Amaro L2 is more effective when providing support to Technologies. It needs to inhabit an HQ of its Faction to gain access to its tools but can enhance any device regardless of whether it carries a Technology. This allows it to take on later positions, which is why both the orientation of its attack and the direction of its HP bonus have been redirected to the left. San Amaro L2 is undoubtedly a card that we will see shine in Dogana.

ULK 011 Nightress, Junklord Overlord

Nightress L2 is a new tank for her Faction. With the current pool of available cards, she can see play as a first drop in Alexandria, although she will shine more naturally in 100% green decks. Her high Toughness and HP above 450 make her the perfect candidate to carry green Technologies.

ULK 012 C, Fateshaper Whale

C L2 has the stats of a good left shooter. The survey conducted after the “Found” story revealed that it should prioritize its Inhuman contacts, which is why this facet is the only one that scales, with its best fit being the multifunction loaded to green. However, we don’t rule out that its good relations with Awaken might warrant a seat with its name in blue formations alongside Ouroboros L2.

These new cards are aimed at shaking up the current metagame, allowing us to continue fine-tuning our balance efforts around it! Stay tuned for more updates, and keep a close watch for further news!

The Deviants Factions Team