A Bridge to Immutable X

Deviants' Factions
4 min readAug 2, 2022

81 days. Just two months and a half ago, the Deviants’ Factions community was looking forward to awesome and greatly expected implementations. The incoming debut of our $DEV token and the Tournament structure to support it would’ve joined our Guild system, Crafting platform, LiveOps, and many other features. Sadly, conditions shifted bitterly — and fast. After unsustainable drops in their main currencies, Terra went cold and stopped producing blocks on May 13th.

The ongoing crisis has had a profound impact on the crypto markets. Whole Blockchains are feeling the tremors. Almost every project and protocol in Terra suffered severe losses. Many of them faced the harsh decision of letting substantial parts of their teams go. Others, even unluckier, simply went bankrupt.

Unsurprisingly, the crisis deeply affected Deviants’ Factions as well. We took a big swing to our treasury and the project was left effectively homeless. Terra insisted on vague and uncertain maneuvers that did not fulfill the environmental requirements to safely lead our project. Consequently, it was immediately clear to us that Terra 2.0 was not suited to comfortably sustain Deviants’ Factions.

Although we were just as shocked as all of you with the accelerated crumbling of Terra, we did not allow ourselves a moment of paralysis. Neither the team nor the community is responsible for the causes behind the crash. But we feel the responsibility to look for the best possible solutions for our holders and the community as a whole.

Even amid the chaos, our team never stopped building. We were certain then as we are certain now that the fate of our work laid almost exclusively in our hands. No one lost their job at Deviants’ Factions. No one was subject to lower pay, precisely because we know that the real, sustainable value generation resides in a strong team. As you read this article, newly hired employees are being onboarded to the game studio.

We did not waste a second: several new features were built for the core game in a “chain agnostic” way — that is, without being directly wired to a specific smart contract language. As a result, the game aspect of Deviants’ Factions is in excellent health, ready to be deployed step by step in the new blockchain as the fitting smart contracts are built to meet the requirements of our new home.

Meanwhile, our commercial team and the leaders of our game studio were dedicated to one job: securing a future for Deviants’ Factions in a new home, with all the complexities of such an operation. We talked with several major blockchains, including some in Cosmos that support the exact smart contracts we used in Terra. Nevertheless, we weren’t just looking for a breather: we were looking for a sustainable, long-term solution to ensure the future of Deviants’ Factions. We were looking for the perfect fit.

Although we met with several teams to elucidate the best option, one blockchain stood out: Immutable X. A blockchain fully dedicated to gaming experiences was an idea that immediately resonated with us. Deviants’ Factions has its mind set not only on being an earning mechanism — which it is — but above all a kick-ass game with creative, meaningful mechanics and decision-making. And we want to give that experience, yes, to our supporters in the crypto scene but also to mainstream players that will dynamize the market in its entirety. Our early supporters know that’s always been our vision.

Our new partner, Immutable X, provides a unique set of characteristics that we know will have a profound beneficial impact on Deviants’ Factions as a game and technology. Its gasless transactions open new possibilities in economy design and its growing population of gamers and crypto enthusiasts, along with interesting game studios joining up, generate a panoramic picture that we love to see. We’re thrilled for what is to come for our beloved game and community and we are certain we’ll have a strong long-term relationship with our new home.

Migrations are complicated processes that must take into account multiple factors and stakeholders. We will provide full detail on the process in an article that is about to come up. For now, to reassure Deviants everywhere, you must be aware of two key aspects. One is that we will only migrate Starter Packs. Specific allocations per wallet consist of the sum of unopened packs and the number of opener contracts executed until that same day. Secondly, we will be migrating the $DEV farmed in Apollo with a cap of 200,000 tokens. In so doing, more than 99% of our community will receive the full amount for participating in the campaign. Stay tuned for the full detailed guide to bridge assets from Terra Classic to Immutable X!

Needless to say, Deviants’ Factions’ disembark in the new land will come with Presales of our new line of products to give the warmest of welcomes to new community members from Immutable X. We will launch the mint campaigns right away, so keep your eyes open, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server and Telegram group.